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 Evolutionary Forth (was: Chuck Moore on ANSI)



> >It seems that the various Forth dialects are exactly like the
> >Greek city-states in the 5th century BC, all smart and independent
> >and unorganized. Meanwhile, the effeminate and bloated Persian
> >empire is beginning to move. That empire is like the Microsoft
> >monolith, ugly with its own stupid shortsightedness.

> >In that conflict, Greece was saved by the quick intelligence of
> >Athens (at Salamis), and by the simple courage of Sparta (at
> >Thermopylae).

>     A good analogy for history fans. Unfortunately not everybody
> is as history fan. I wouldn't consider the Persian empire to
> be effeminate, but the armies it had facing the Greeks and
> later facing Alexander were certainly bloated. Software systems
> frequently reach their limits when they get to be so big that
> nobody can debug them. Forth, as used by Chuck Moore, avoids
> this problem by making everything so small that every detail
> of the code can be remembered by one person. But we have a
> problem when that one person fails to communicate that knowledge
> to anyone else.

>     I sometimes like to think of myself as a courageous Spartan
> facing the evil enemy. Then I remember Spartans got cut to pieces
> by overwhelming odds and didn't have any fun during peacetime,
> and I change my mind.

>     Intellegent Athenean and lean powerfull Spartan type Forth
> programs should be able to defeat bloated Persian type Microsoft
> programs, but it hasen't happened yet.

> --


Neither do I see any opportunity at present. But if the analogy is

correct --- and it seems to be so in many ways --- then the opportunity

will suddenly appear, on the eve of greatest danger, just when it seems

that the giant collectivity will win, after all.

So I remind of these ideas, in order to generate some resonance in male

minds that are tired of living in the captivity of somebody else's

world view, and who itch to get out on the field of righteous combat

once again.

But Greece won, not simply by greater strength or cleverness, but by

the proven fact that she was superior in virtue, and would use her

victory well, in paving the way for a sudden blossoming of the

intellectual arts. No man or nation conquers anything alone, but the

battle is always a part of history and an extension of philosophy.

Greece won, and Socrates spoke the word for our culture, extending the

wisdom of the Presocratics through the ages, even to ourselves. One

legacy of that gift is the Forth that we hold in our hands, a language

necessarily attached to freedom. Had the Persian Empire won, there

would be no Forth at all, only the equivalent of Windows 34692.1,

whose programmers would be eunuchs asking permission of head priests

to make any changes whatsoever, sending in requisitions that might

require years to be answered.

But everyone is fragmented, just like the Greeks. Microsoft et al,

like the Persians, have the advantage of efficient organization and

formidable monopoly. Yet that is also their weakness, and their soft

spot that can become their death.

Plato said that the world will have no rest from ills until the

philosophers become kings, or the kings, philosophers. I think he

is right.

So realize, O Forth men, that you just might be the relative

philosphers of the time. Not yet kings, yet perhaps you will become

such. And if you are philosophers --- lovers of wisdom --- then love

and wisdom will be your twin banners, and it is yours to develop those

virtues for the people at large. And the particular gift that you will

give to history --- so it seems to me --- is the first language of

intelligence that a child can learn, using it to grow for a lifetime ---

a language that immediately empowers individuality, and does not require

people to bow down to even more arbitrary conventions --- a language

created by men who love life, love humanity, whose goodwill shows in

the very structure, the simplicity, of the language which they gave

to the world.

You may want to consider more esoteric ideas about correct language ---

avoiding imaginal nonexistences, and sticking to what is real --- by

reading Plato's "Paramenides," at:




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