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 MDFIG happens

A new guy showed up at the MDFIG meeting today after seeing me mention it
here, so it's lather-rinse-repeat time. There were just a handful of us
today. Bob (?) Caffrey (SP?) and Marty Fraeman talked about using Open
Firmware on space vehicles, and how reusability of subsystems is becoming
a bigger factor even on missions to Way WAY Out There. Then I briefly
talked about the cLIeNUX membership model going back to the FIRE Proposal,
which one guy there remembered, and how I'm trying to transmogrify the
unix shell into an as-Forthy-as-possible assembler for one-stack machines.
Marty replied that he has fond memories of some of the shell-like
properties of STOIC, which had 3 stacks that enabled it to do loops
interactively. It was a modest, but still quite interesting meeting.

MDFIG meets at 1 pm on the 3rd saturday of the month at the Kossiakoff
Center at the Johns Hopkins APL on Rt. 29 between Baltimore and DC.

Rick Hohensee

Thu, 05 Feb 2004 13:33:03 GMT  
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