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    I'm getting a little punchy from writing tms320 code
    at the moment and I was wondering if anyone reading this
    happens to know what the difference is between
    Laboratory Microsytems new UR/Forth and their older
    PC/Forth (or whatever it's called).

    Also anyone know of a good Forth interpreter for use
    with microsoft C or another MS-DOS C compiler?  I would like
    to use a combined C and Forth environment on an IBM PC/AT
    or clone, for reasons that I cannot go into.  Please don't
    ask why.  Basically I would like to talk to an HP impedance
    analyzer (an HPIB device) with a Forth interpreter, then link
    the same code, compiled, with code generated from C source.


Fri, 19 Jun 1992 17:01:00 GMT  
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