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 Defn of code breakage

dpANS does *not* require insertion of ALIGN and other things.  If it
*did*, then in fact all existing code would be broken by it.  Said
code will however continue to work in the range of environments that
it worked in before.  Hence such code is *not* broken and *need not*

The requirement to add new words for alignment, cell size, address
units, and so on to existing code is nonexistent *unless* that code
now wishes to run in environments where it *would not* before.  For
example, much forth-83 code would not run correctly on macforth,
32-bit polies, and so on during last decade because 2+ does not
index a cell of memory on those systems.  That code was already
"broken" in this sense with or without dpANS.  The existence of
dpANS simply *defines* a method whereby code may be altered to
cross such boundaries.  It *does not require* that programs be
so converted.

Thus, for example, the phrase  0 D.  continues to mean exactly what
it always has on those architectures in whose terms it has always been
said.  No one is *required* to change such phrases unless they are
after *more* portability than they now have.

In these terms I believe that Heribert misspoke, since despecifying
stack order *within* existing portable range of architectures *does*
break existing code, and is a different kettle of fish than for
example ALIGN and friends as cited.

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