Great Forth book at great new price 
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 Great Forth book at great new price

Hi, fellow Forthers:

Here's a best book at a best price!  MMS has just acquired a big overstock
of the excellent Forth textbook, "FORTH: A TEXT AND REFERENCE", by Mahlon
Kelly and Nicholas Spies.  And because our price was right, so is yours:
instead of the usual $30.95 for the paperback, it's now $18.95 in paperback
or $24.95 in otherwise-identical hardcover, plus US or foreign
shipping/handling (and for you lucky Massachusetts residents only, 5% state

Read about "FORTH: A TEXT AND REFERENCE" and the shipping details in the
accompanying listing of "FORTH BOOKS AND MMSFORTH".  We're happy to answer
your further questions via any of the addresses below.

--Dick Miller

A. Richard & Jill A. Miller            | MILLER MICROCOMPUTER SERVICES |

Voice: 508/653-6136, 9am-9pm -0400(EDT)| Natick, MA 01760-2099, USA    |
MMSFORTH: The cure for the common code.| 42 18'00.79" N, 71 22'27.68" W|

Mon, 04 Dec 1995 01:02:53 GMT  
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