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Message 23        Wed May 29, 1991
S.WHEELER                    at 21:26 MDT

I understand Robert Berkey's point of view, and have some sympathy for it.
What I do not have sympathy for, however, is being quoted out of context so
that he can grind his axe.

My comments were in response to Brad Rodriguez's comment that he had six
versions of Forth on his system.  In view of his proposal that six systems
should be examined for common words to be used as a criterion for inclusion
into the standard, my remarks (as quoted by R.BERKEY) were prefaced by a
question as to how many SYSTEMS Brad had.

If the problem is merely one of name jealousy (here raising the Sarcastic
Roger flag - grinning skull and crossed funnybones), then I have no problem

restricted processors if we can standardize on a full 32-bit Forth.  Of
course, 8088's, 6502's, etc. will have to take a small performance hit ...
(strike the colors!).

Actually, though, ALIGN shouldn't have much effect on run-time performance,
since my understanding of it is that one would normally use it at compile
time.  In any case, 8086 processors take a performance hit (4 cycles/access)
when making word accesses to odd addresses.  I can't speak for 286's and up,
since I don't have their data books.  That may not make much difference, but I
can just see a tight timing loop changing because someone changed a name from
WAIT to DELAY :-).
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