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 Report of Programmable BBS

   Okay.... I simply *MUST* get in here somewhere's between the
  I also offer "FigTree", a Forth-79 based version of FBBS taken from
the code of Jeff Wilson and Tom Belpasso, though, according to John
Peters' knowledge (or admitted vocally anyway) I had the code
running first!
   Our dear S.O. here has seen my version of same, V3.77 I believe
(now in 3.79) A citadel look-alike command structure simply 'cuz I
think modem communications don't need twelve levels of menus for the
user interface!
   Granted, its a large-scale model. It runs in 64k worth of IBM
code, and the files are simply HUGE for data storage, but it do
work... Now if I can only find time to add the net-working overlay!
(sigh... too busy I guess!)
   I strongly suggest you check out the F-83 Library book of Offete
Enterprizes, Inc. 1983 for this model, or call the Programable BBS
itself and download a copy. (I did! It was great seeing all them
functions I struggled with way back when....)
   The ONLY complaint I'd have is that the ENTER-TOP and SQUISH-TREE
routines are NOT included in the download, so if you ain't got the
book you're pretty well lost for installing it as a BBS for your own
use. But then, that's just a bug I know from years of working with
Jeff's code.....

  Oh yes: I'd not pass my code off as purely f-79, for it contains
some structures from Pygmy 1.1, notably the file based interface
which I borrowed. Does that make it F79/83?  I dunno myself....
maybe Forth 80?? hahahahahaha

via Fortress Gateway at uumind.mind.ORG

Sat, 21 Oct 1995 16:34:00 GMT  
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