Control-flow stack which may not exist 
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 Control-flow stack which may not exist

One of the dim places of the ANS Forth standard is
*how* the control-flow stack may not physically exist.

I have written an article about it:

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~mlg/Apocrypha/CFStack.html

(If someone has no www, send me an e-mail, I'll post it.

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Do not try to hack the ANS Forth specification; code that
makes any assumptions about the control-flow
stack is not portable. Instead, define one or two or
more system-dependent words, and your code will be
more maintainable.

The rules are refined that describe availability of
control-flow stack and data stack elements when both
stacks are used together.

Examples of various ANS-compliant control-flow
stack implementations are given.

Any comments are welcome

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