Distribution of Amiga Mind.forth Robot AI 
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 Distribution of Amiga Mind.forth Robot AI

  Msg: 985
 From: ARTHUR_T_MURRAY - Seattle WA
 Subj: Amiga FF 977 Mind.forth AI available; see URL
 Date: Sunday 24 Jan 1999  4:29PM       Conference: Programmers
For almost three years (since 19.Apr.1996) I was absent from this
excellent Amiga BBS of Richard Stockton at 425-744-1254, and it is
great to find the Gramma's BBS still functioning and still containing
my old userID, plus still accepting my user password from years ago.

In 1994 I was uploading Amiga Mind.rexx AI through the Gramma's BBS,
and now pretty soon I would like to upload a Forth port of the AI,
called Mind.forth Robot AI.  The Forth version is not yet as far
along as the (last) 26.Nov.1994 ARexx version, but Mind.rexx never
had its own Web site back then, and Mind.forth is at the URL


However, each Internet Web Release of Mind.forth AI is only the
ASCII text of the Forth source code in blocks, not the runnable
object code.  As Mind.forth nears completion now in 1999, I wish
to release the easily runnable, genuine Amiga source code written
in the (MVP-) Forth of Fred Fish's Amiga Library Disk #977.

To that end, I will try to upload an Amiga lha archive of Mind.forth
when its next Internet Web release is ready.  I hope that there
is some way to network the source code out into the broader
Amiga community, especially to Europe, where the Amiga is still
going so strongly.

Thanks again to Richard Stockton for running Gramma's BBS.

If anyone wants to discuss Mind.forth or Mind.rexx AI, please
put your remarks also up onto the Usenet in such newsgroups as
comp.ai or comp.lang.forth or comp.sys.amiga.programmer!  Bye

Fri, 13 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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