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 Forth looking like C

>     First, I'm not very interested in conforming to the standards of  other
> language so that "we" will be better accepted.  ...  If we want to be better
> accepted by making Forth look like C  or Pascal or fortran there is a much
> cheaper, more straight forward  shortcut to that goal: just use C or
> Pascal or Fortran.  Bang! An  instant solution.

The issue is not whether Forth "looks like C".  The issue is whether or
not Forth has the set of standard features that programmers have come to
expect and *demand* from a modern programming language.

A case statement is a case statement.  Adding a case statement to a
language does not make that language "like C" anymore than adding an
automatic transmission to a car makes the car "like a Chrysler".

Adding files and floating point and error handling to Forth does not
turn Forth into a compile/link/execute language with infix syntax and
type checking.  They simple allow Forth programs to deal with files
and floating point numbers and errors.  These things are important
because the exist in real world applications.  C did not cause them
to exist; C merely recognized their existence and then dealt with them.
If C had buried its head in the sand and ignored the real world, like
Forth and Pascal, it would not have been successful.

There is only one way in which I wish Forth to be "like C":

        C is not a religion or a philosophy or a holy grail or a
        means of seeking spiritual enlightenment.  It is a nuts and
        bolts engineering tool, addressing practical real-world
        problems in a straightforward fashion.  People use C because,
        by and large, it works.

The Forth community would do well to adopt a similar attitude, rather
than seeking "purity of essence" and trying to ignore problems that
are unpleasant.

Sat, 31 Jul 1993 04:46:21 GMT  
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