4tH version 3.3d, release 2 released! 
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 4tH version 3.3d, release 2 released!

4tH is an implementation of Forth, using classical compiler technology. It
generates bytecode. 4th is not so much as a standalone compiler, but more
like a library with a very easy to use API. If you can open a file, you can
write a compiler!

Now we've released version 3.3d, release 2!!

Get your copy at: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~thebeez/4tH

- GPLed code! So it is as free as speech and a beer!
- Written in C, both K&R and ANSI-style (compiler directive)
- Two C source code generators
- Bytecode embedable in C programs
- Standalone executables
- Pass C-variables and strings to program
- Return values back into C program
- Excellently suited for adding a scripting language
- Extremely compact (UUencode takes 200 bytes objectcode)
- Fully portable to Unix, Windows, MS-DOS (e.g. Win95, Win NT, RISC/OS,
Linux, HP/UX, AIX, Solaris, etc.)
- Outperforms most other fully portable C-based Forths (like ATLAST, CForth)
- Extremely compact! A full compiler with IDE (including line editor,
decompiler, compiler, VM, 2 C-source generators) takes between 50K and 100K.
- Bytecode can be saved separately.
- Bytecode is fully portable across all platforms without recompilation!!
- 85% of ANS-Forth CORE words
- Other wordsets partially supported
- File support
- Pipe support (UNIX only)
- File I/O using standard Forth words (.", TYPE, ., etc.)
- Write portable, ANS-Forth compliant programs in 4tH
- Excellently suited for parsing (PARSE, WORD, SKIP, TOKEN)
- Completely crash proof! (TRY US!)

Comes with:
- Over 200 pages of documentation, including a famous 4tH primer, developer
documentation, porting guides, glossary, error guide and more! All high
quality postscript or .PDF files (Linux and Windows only).
- Loads of example 4tH programs, including a text adventure, line editor,
RPN calculator, Euro calculator and more!
- Binaries for Linux, Windows (all flavors, including installer) and DOS.
- Example C programs including a fully portable IDE.

Improvements in this version:
- Source files can be included at compile time using the '[NEEDS' word.
- The existence of words in the dictionary can be checked at compile time
using the '[DEFINED]' word
- More COMUS words have been added.
- The 4tH program allows you to enter parameters in the menu.
- The Linux module 'binfmt_misc' is supported.

So, why are you still reading? Download it now!

Hans Bezemer

"First make it work, then improve it."
Visit our website! http://www.*-*-*.com/

*** Home of the 4tH compiler! ***

Tue, 04 Oct 2005 20:06:18 GMT  
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