Wanted: Parser for Eiffel 
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 Wanted: Parser for Eiffel

We are working on a type-safe inheritance mechanism for object oriented languages.
To apply this inheritance mechanism to Eiffel, we want to extend the language slightly,
and implement a preprocessor for translating down to Eiffel.

This work would be much easier, if we could extend an already implemented parser for Eiffel. The standard examples delivered with the Eiffel system already contains a scanner for Eiffel, but no parser.

Therefore my question:

        Where can I get the source of a parser for Eiffel (written in Eiffel itself),
         that can easily be extended ?

Thank you for any answers.


TU Muenchen, Inst. fuer Informatik
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D-8000 Muenchen                 Tel:    [+49 | 0 ]  89/2105-8186

Mon, 06 Dec 1993 22:15:45 GMT  
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