New book - O-O Programming in Eiffel (Thomas/Weedon) 
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 New book - O-O Programming in Eiffel (Thomas/Weedon)

I just got a copy of a new Eiffel book. The authors tell me they'd rather
have someone else announce it on the net.

        Pete Thomas, Ray Weedon
        (Open University, UK)

        Object-Oriented Programming in Eiffel
        Addison-Wesley, Wokingham, England
        ISBN 0-201-59837-4
        518 + xvii pages

From the preface:

        This book is primarily designed for students of programming,
        and provides a background to object-oriented programming as well as
        the constructs of Eiffel. In our treatment, we have assumed that the
        reader is already familiar with an imperative programming language
        such as Pascal or C.

        The book should also be of help to professional programmers and
        system designers.

Chapter list:

        Beginning Eiffel
        Abstract Data Types
        Classes and Features
        Eiffel Instructions
        Storage Structures
        Expressions and Calls
        Semantics of Abstract Data Types
        Correctness: The Client-Supplier Relationship
        Correctness: Programming by Contract
        Building Types as Subtypes
        Adapting Inherited Features
        Polymorphism and Dynamic Binding
        The Exception Mechanism
        Client-Supplier vs. Inheritance
        Additional Facilities in Eiffel
                [Covers expanded types, once routines, frozen features,
                building libraries, obsolete features.]
        A Case Study
                [A college's personnel database.]
        Bibliography and References
        Appendices: Eiffel Syntax, Special Characters
        Solutions to Exercises

The book is a readable, thorough and accurate presentation of how to
to build good software in Eiffel. Abstract data types and correctness
concerns both play major parts.

Bertrand Meyer, ISE Inc., Santa Barbara

Web home page: http://www.*-*-*.com/

Fri, 21 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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