Classic Syphilitic Dementia 
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 Classic Syphilitic Dementia

>>>>> "cj3" == Colin James 3 of CEC-Services

 cj3> Warning: if you {*filter*} xxxxxxx xxxxx in the ass, a tapeworm
 cj3> might bite your {*filter*}.


Colin is suffering from late stage syphalitic dementia, as demonstrated by his
repeated posts to these technical news groups (both as himself, and

He posts and posts personal abusive attacks with zero technical content, until
he gets kicked off another ISP.  Being totally incapable of realistic self
appraisal, he believes the ISP has done him wrong, and gets another one, and
continues his attacks.  He has been through 15-20 ISPs in the last 2 years.

Anyone, even moderately sane would learn, after losing say 4 to 8 ISPs, that
the problem was themselves, and not everyone else in the world.  Colin does
not learn, and therefor is not sane.

Unable to get gainful employment, unable to form normal human relations, he
has just had too much sex with too many farm animals for too many years, and
he has gone totally mad.

Someone needs to take him off the internet permanently before he inadvertently
causes anyone any real harm.

Colin says, "Someone - Anyone - please put me out of my misery.  Please lock
me up in an asylum, where I can be taken care of, and cleaned up when I shit
and{*filter*}on my self."

   Colin James
   CEC Services
   1613 Morning Drive
   Loveland, CO 80538-4410

   Domain Name: CEC-SERVICES.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:

      970.622.0466 (FAX) 970.622.0177
   Billing Contact:

      970.622.0466 (FAX) 970.622.0177

Thu, 18 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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