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 Follow up on enumerations

>: The lack of an enumerated type facility in Eiffel can be a serious
>: problem with "similar" types. The use of names of INTEGER values to specify
>: different, essentially hardcoded, values is only slightly better then
>: using the actual integer values themselves in some cases.
>: For example, if two methods take predefined INTEGER values as parameters
>: to invoke different behaviour things can get confusing. Say parameter X takes
>: OPTION_A or OPTION_B, while parameter Y can be OPTION_1 or OPTION_2.
>: Eiffel allows improperly mixing of these parameters (passing OPTION_1 for X
>: and OPTION_B to Y) which can lead to confusing code & behaviour.
>: A simple way to avoid this is to add an enumerated type facility so that
>: X & Y can be declared of different types, in which case the above error
>: would be caught at compile time.
>Uh you mean something like:
>    feature
>         datum:INTEGER
>        -- add routines to return '.a' and '.b'
>        feature
>           datum:INTEGER
>      -- add routines to return '.one' and '.two' or whatever.

Without seeing your ideas for .a, .b, .one and so on I can't
comment on the workaround you propose in its entirety, but for

i) how are these things created/set?
For EXPANDED, we can't use more then one creator, nor can we use
arguments to the sole creator, and if a "set" feature takes an
INTEGER (i.e. if a, one are INTEGER) then there is little added value.

ii) does "out" print anything meaningful by default, or does it have
to be rewritten for every class?

iii) how are these things examined?
If you are proposing accessing datum as an INTEGER, then I don't see
much added safety (some, but not enough).

iv) how much overhead is anticipated, both storage and CPU?

v) how would these classes work as indices (keys) for collections?

Please provide a more complete example and we can discuss it further.

Mon, 29 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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