Eiffel et Java; Viva Le Eiffel 
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 Eiffel et Java; Viva Le Eiffel

I hate to keep bringing up my Marketing hat in a technical
newsgroup, but I must agree with the folks that are in favor of
an Eiffel--> Java compiler.

I love Eiffel technically, but I think we have to continue to examine
arenas where Eiffel can be successful in the Marketplace.  While I
think Eiffel is better than C++, we have not had much seccess in
replacing C++.  I agree with the people (sorry I don't remember who
said it first) that have suggested we pitch Eiffel as a replacement
to COBOL rather than a replacement to C++.

Similarly, Java is about to take off.  While the Rt Rev'd correctly points
out that this is conjecture ALL of Marketing is conjecture at some point.
I, and obviously several other posters, believe that Java WILL take off
(for better or worse).

Once again, Eiffel proponents are presented with a new and exploding
market which offers a huge opportunity for further penetration of Eiffel.
People have already accepted the notion that they should use a new
language (Java) to write dynamic Web applets. While they are receptive
to new languages we should think how Eiffel can meet their needs.

Not being a compiler writer, it is hard for me to access the difficulty of
the task.  However, I think the potential payoff (money for the vendors,
better code for the rest of us..) is large.  I would be interested to hear
from the Eiffel vendors on this issue.


Wed, 06 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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