ISE Eiffel 4.2 Compilation 
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 ISE Eiffel 4.2 Compilation

I encounter a strange thing with the compiler.

I have the following scenario with four classes A, B, C and D: (-> denotes

D ->B->A

In class A, I have this feature :
x : A

In B, I redeclare x to be:
x : B

In D, I redeclare x to be:
x : D

I melt the application.  It works.

Later in D, I reclare x to be:
x : C
When I melt the application, I get error VDRD(2).  This is fine.
I change C to inherit from D and melt again.  This time it is OK.

I comment the inherit from D clause in class C text and melt again.  Still
I pretend to do some changes in class D (say type a character and delete
the character) so that I can fool the compiler into detecting changes in
the class text.
I melt the application again, I get error VDRD(2) which is OK.
I have tried several times and concluded that melt works on classes where
there are changes only to the class text (that's what the technology) but
then it is useless in my case.

Any one can help?

Khong Koon Sang,

Fri, 15 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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