General GUI OOPS Language for X/MS Windows (source compatable) 
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 General GUI OOPS Language for X/MS Windows (source compatable)

        I have written a C like front end for scheme with an extensive
Smalltalk like class library. The library and environment runs on Unix
and DOS based systems running X and MS Windows. A low level
device/platform independent set of routines links the Object system to
the graphical devices.

        The language currently compiles an easy to read C like code
into optimized scheme code. The same compiler could be used to compile
the libraries and apps into another language such as C++. The base
interpreter is currently XScheme-V0.28

        Libraries included in this system include extensive dialog
interfaces with buttons, scrollbars, file dialogues and other widgets.
The text and graphics are completely scalable, the font system is
system independent and the fonts can be drawn in any shape size or
angle. A ToolBook like interface is included in the GUI class system
for making applications with multiple functional pages.

        This product was originaly designed to create platform
independent user interfaces for developing software for engineering
applications. Currently I work at the University of Maryland but our
funding has shrunken quite a bit this year and I am moving to Phenix AZ
this month and will be there for at least the next two years.

        This product works well on both the PC and Unix sytems, even
thought it is written in Scheme it is very responsive on both systems.
It still needs a good bit fine tuning and documenting. A code browser
and interface builder would also help make this product highly useful.

        If a company is interested in using this product and would
like to continue its development I would be interested in an offer. I
am moving to the Phenix area Aug 20'th and will be looking for
contractual type employment there. If this is of interested please
send me email and I will get back to you.

        I would consider putting this code up for public domain but it
is not yet documented enough and needs a good bit of work before I
would give it to strangers. I am not currently interested in putting
it in public domain unless a company is willing to support me on
finishing the interface and they did not mind having it in the public

        This interface is the product of years of work. I have spent a
lot of my own time on it and so far I have been supported by two
employers in working on it. The first employer wanted to write Actor
like code (Actor was a SmallTalk like language with a C syntax) which
would run on both a PC and Unix system. My current employer wanted a
ToolBook like interface that would be platform independent. The actual
ToolBook interface written by Asymetrix is not platform independent
and was too functionaly limiting to write engineering applications

        Any  company interested in using this let me know. I am a
contractual programmer/anylist and can work out some type of supoort
contract if this is interesting to you. I will be in the Tempe area
near Phenix AZ.

                                        Jonathan Greenblatt.

Tue, 23 Jan 1996 09:09:12 GMT  
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