Strong type checking + Heterogenous con 
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 Strong type checking + Heterogenous con

(Entire article is quoted for purposes of crossposting it to comp.lang.eiffel)




> > >>This had nothing to do with the thread, but obviously you are throwing  
> > >>the gauntlet in usual C++ aggressive fashion. Well go ahead make my day.  
> > >>Eiffel, and tell us of its flaws. However, I suspect that the exercise  
> > >>be pointing out the speck in your brothers eye, while ignoring the log in
> > >>your own.

> > >It is not common for C++ people to post adds for C++ to other groups, post
> > >articles explaining the futility of using some language in that language's
> > >newsgroup, having signature lines insulting other peoples work, etc.
> > >By and large, I find that C++ people is a peaceable lot minding their own
> > >business and leaving others alone.  [stuff deleted]

> > But, are C++ advocates more open-minded than other language advocates?  Or,
> > is the situation simply that the other language advocates view C++ as a
> > threat, while C++ advocates view nearly all other languages as irrelevant
> > and unimportant?

> Let just talk about the technical issues.  None of this is edifying in any  


At last something Steve Hudson and I agree on completely.  This certainly  
doesn't belong in comp.object, and doesn't even really belong in  
comp.lang.eiffel.  You want alt.flame, third door on the left.

Dave Griffith, Information Resources, University of Chicago,

Will build secret weapon for food.

Sun, 10 Mar 1996 22:28:46 GMT  
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