Post Doc position in persistent and distributed objects 
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 Post Doc position in persistent and distributed objects

Post Doc in Distributed and Persistent Objects

The DEVISE Centre at Computer Science Department, Aarhus University,
Denmark, is looking for a candidate to a Post Doc position in
distributed and persistent objects.

The DEVISE Centre is doing research and development in

        Experimental Systems Development

including object-oriented technology. Works includes:

*       participation in the development of the BETA language

*       development of the Mjolner BETA system, which is a programming
        environment for BETA. The system includes a number of
        libraries, frameworks and tools:

        *       integrated text- and structure editors,

        *       de{*filter*}s

        *       code and object browsers

        *       OO CASE tool

        *       OO interface builder

*       work on OO analysis and design methods

*       persistence and distribution, incl. implementations for BETA

*       OO databases on top of the persistence and distribution

In addition to OO technology the DEVISE Centre is working with
participatory design, prototyping, user interface construction,
hypermedia, Coloured Petri Net (theory as well as tools).

We are currenly looking for a highly qualified researcher that is
interested in participating in the above activities with main emphasis
on persistence, distribution and OO databases. As mentioned we have
developed implementations in BETA for persistence, distribution and OO
databases. These implementatiosn have mainly been used to supprt the
DEVISE Hypermedia which is an open, Dexter-based Hypermedia.

We are now interested in doing further research in these areas
including almost all aspects from models for persistence,
transactions, concurrency control, notifications, schema evolution,
versioning, query facilities, and efficient implementations. (This is
not an exhaustive list). You must be interested in development of the
next generation of persistence and concurrency for BETA.

Unfortunately the Danish grant system requires us to have a name and a CV
in order to get the funding. Funding for this position requires a person
with a good track record.

If you are interested in such a position, please send a CV, including
a description of previous work and your areas of interest, together
with references to 2-3 people that will recommend you.  Send to

        Professor Ole Lehrmann Madsen
        The DEVISE Centre
        Computer Science Department
        Ny Munkegade
        Aarhus University
        DK-8000 Aarhus C, DENMARK

        Tel.: +45 89 42 32 35
        Fax.: +45 89 42 32 55

        (E-mail: text or postscript is preferred)

If you attend OOPSLA'96 in San Jose you may contact Jorgen Lindskov
Knudsen, Elmer Sandvad, or Ole Lehrmann Madsen.  We stay at le Baron
Hotel, San Jose. You may also leave a message at the exhibition stand
for Mjolner Informatics, where you also can get a demo of the Mjolner
BETA System and the DEVISE Hypermedia.


Ole Lehrmann Madsen

Further info on:

                http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~beta/info
                http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~kgronbak/deviseIndex.html
                News: comp.lang.beta

Sun, 21 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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