A good book to learn Eiffel on ? 
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 A good book to learn Eiffel on ?

for sure this is a FAQ... Please give advice anyway !

Sun, 03 Nov 1996 18:47:14 GMT  
 A good book to learn Eiffel on ?


>for sure this is a FAQ... Please give advice anyway !

If you're a relative newbie to OO, then you should start with
Meyer's _Object Oriented Software Construction_. The Eiffel examples
are out of date, but this is still the best general intro to OO
that I know. We use it as the main text in our OO course regardless
of whether the projects are done in Eiffel or C++.

For an up to date intro to Eiffel, the only book (as far as I know)
available right now is Switzer's _Eiffel: An Introduction_ which
is a nice little book that covers all the important features of
the language, with examples of each. I believe there will be two more
books out in the near future. One of these is a CS1 text, while
the other is aimed more at folks with considerable programming experience.
I don't want to name the authors in a public forum as I don't
want to cause the individuals any embarrassment should their projects
fall through. However I will say that Bertrand is not the author of
either of these two (he's working on some other stuff).

For more information you could contact Prentice-Hall which is handling
all four of these books.

Hope this helps,
-- Jim

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Mon, 04 Nov 1996 22:46:58 GMT  
 A good book to learn Eiffel on ?
A few months ago, some disillusioned students sharply criticized
"Eiffel: The Language" as a textbook, and some experienced Eiffelists agreed
that for student use ETL would be better used as a reference manual in
conjunction with, say, Switzer's "Eiffel An Introduction" as a textbook.

Just to show the other side of the coin, I'm sure that K.J.Parry
won't mind me quoting part of a letter he sent to me...

> I am relatively new to programming. My main interest has been in
> mathematics. I was drawn towards Eiffel by the book
> Eiffel: The Language; a book which I consider to be the best
> manual I have come across. There is no fear here of
> inductive definitions...

It just shows that the "ideal book" depends on the reader as well as
on the book!

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Tue, 03 Dec 1996 21:22:30 GMT  
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