lex and yacc with Eiffel 
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 lex and yacc with Eiffel

Last week I saw a request for information about using lex and yacc with
Eiffel.  That post is gone from my server now, so I can't reply in the
same thread.

I did that once several years ago with version 2 of Eiffel.  It worked
just fine.

I have to reconstruct what I did from memory since we don't have that
machine any more, and I'm not sure how I could look at the backup tape.
As I remember it the main Eiffel routine did some initialization and then
called yyparse(), which used callbacks to Eiffel routines to do things
like build the symbol table and the parse tree.  I think the main routine
had a dummy variable in it to get the other Eiffel classes included in
the system build.  And I'm pretty sure that the makefile had stuff in it
to make the scanner.o and parser.o and then called es to put everything
together.  The .eiffel file had to have the right stuff in it to get
scanner.o and parser.o linked in.

I was pleased with this system, but the students didn't like having to
learn a new language (Eiffel) even though it meant that they didn't have
to code things like hash tables and trees.  I never understood that.

Mail me if this doesn't get you something that works, and I'll go talk to
the folks upstairs and see about looking at the tape.

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