Magic localized testing 
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 Magic localized testing

Ultra-low Cost SW Testing
We have engineering resources from senior test strategists and project
leaders to hands-on testers and tool specialists; we have the
expertise your project requires in strategy and planning, test case
design and development and test execution in real-world environments;
we perform regression testing, performance analysis, coverage
analysis, and load/stress testing.

Ultra-low Cost SW Localization
During localization, we maintain your product's unique character, its
code integrity and the message it conveys by taking care of its user
interface, its online help contents, and related technical
documentation. We have developed a strong localization process that
involves planning, organization, workflow development, linguistic
management, file management, communication protocols, and
technology-integration, QA among others.

Hometown Silicon Inc
 The Best Service is the Best Company


 510-795-1290 (Tel/Fax)                            

Our Mission
To provide low cost software outsourcing services to our clients in
reducing their R & D cost and accelerate their Time-To-Market, which
include software testing, software localization among others

Company History
The company was co-founded by six seasoned engineers in Silicon
Valley, with industrial experiences at Intel, Nortel Networks,
Conexant, Fujitsu America Labs and Avant! in August 2000, and it is
supported by Shanghai Pudong Angel Fund. While currently maintaining
an impressive list of strategic partners and alliances in both China
and Silicon Valley, the company is planning to set up two US-Sino
joint ventures in China specialized on Software Outsourcing in January

Our Area of Expertise
ASP, XML, Java, Visual Basic, C++ (MFC, STL, ATL), C, Perl, Tcl, COM,
DCOM, CORBA,JSP, RMI, EJB, Java Applet, Java Servlet, J2EE, Java
Beans, JDBC, Oracle, MS SQL, Windows (95, 98, 00), Mac OS, Unix
(Solaris, HPUX), Linux, Rational suite (UML, Rose, Soda, Rup, Purify,
Quantify, PureCover), OOA, OOD, OOP, SCCS, RCS, CVS, ClearCase,

How We Could Help You
We can help you on independent consulting, staff supplementation or
specification conversion; the type of agreement could be fixed-bid,
time and materials, and function-point.

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