Porting Date Time C stuff to ISE Eiffel 
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 Porting Date Time C stuff to ISE Eiffel

I am trying to port the excellent date and time cluster from the
Univertisy of Wales College from Tower Eiffel to ISE Eiffel.

The main problem is the use of inline C code in the Tower version.

For example, to read the system time into an array and then get the
year the code uses:

 frozen c_read_time(t:POINTER) is
      external "CINLINE:<time.h>"
      alias "time((long*)`t`)"

 frozen c_getyear (t:POINTER) :INTEGER is
      external "CINLINE:<time.h>"
      alias "localtime((long*)`t`)->tm_year+1900"

What would the equivalent be in ISE Eiffel where you cannot have
inline C code like this?

I would have to link in external object code, but how do I write the C

Thanks for any replies,

PS.  I you are interested the date time cluster is available through
http (Mosaic) at the Eiffel home page:


Glenn Maughan ---------------------------------------------------------------
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Fri, 31 Jan 1997 19:50:52 GMT  
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