Eiffel and "raw" data storage 
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 Eiffel and "raw" data storage


I don't have all the Eiffel books yet (The Libraries and The Environment are on  
order), and I'm curious about the following:

Lets say I was writing my own graphics classes on top of Eiffel, with classes  
like COLOR, COLOR_TABLE, CANVAS, POINT, etc. Now, suppose I want the ability to  
have CANVASses that are bitmaps (1 bit), or pixmaps (gray, RGB, HSV, etc.). I'm  
going to want to allocate a contiguous block of memory for the pixels and then  
to access it on a bit/byte level.

Are there classes in the libraries that allow this? I don't recall seeing a  
mechanism for this in Eiffel: The Language (not that there necessarily should  
be one there).


--Gregor N. Purdy
President, Contemporary Design Studios

Sun, 26 Feb 1995 10:46:11 GMT  
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