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For Sale:       Some Computer Books

Yeah, I'm cleaning out some seldom-used books from my bookshelf,
to make room for some others that I find myself using more these days.

These books are in good condition; most have had no more use
than a single reading.

Topic   Title, Author(s)                                        Publisher
-----   ------------------------------------------------------  -------------  

        Eiffel, An Introduction, Robert Switzer                 P-H
        Object Oriented Software Construction, Bertrand Meyer   P-H
        Eiffel, The Language, Bertrand Meyer                    P-H
        Software Development Using Eiffel, Richard Wiener       P-H
          (subtitled: There Can Be Life Other Than C++)

        The C++ Programming Language, Stroustrup                A-W
        Object Oriented Programming in C++, Johnsonbaugh/Kalin  P-H
        STL Tutorial and Reference Guide, Musser/Saini          A-W

X Window System
        Introduction to the X Window System, Jones              P-H
        The X Window System in a Nutshell                       O'Reilly
        X Window System User Guide V.3                          0'Reilly
        X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming Manual V.4             0'Reilly

        Learning GNU Emacs                                      O'Reilly
        programming perl                                        O'Reilly
        Writing a UNIX Device Driver, Egan/Teixeira             Wiley

Asking price?  $5 or $10 a book, OBO.  
A mailing bag and postage are extra, though!  :)
Thanks for reading; sorry for the interruption; take care!
Mike Hall


Mike Hall

Sun, 07 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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