Eiffel Parser and Formal Semantics 
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 Eiffel Parser and Formal Semantics

        When will the new version of the ep parser from the Heron Project be  
released on ftp?
        Where can I find a complete, formal semantics for Eiffel 3?


Mon, 22 Jan 1996 01:03:41 GMT  
 Eiffel Parser and Formal Semantics
See the FAQ for information about how to access "ep". As long as there
are no changes to the Eiffel-3 syntax there will be no new version of
"ep". The next _release_ will support MS-DOS and have some - actually two -
minor bug fixes. It will be available in some weeks time. We'll post the
info here.


    adress     Olaf Langmack Cranachstra_e 12 D-12157 Berlin Germany

    telephone  0049-030-8555165

Mon, 22 Jan 1996 17:14:42 GMT  
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