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 "ep": Bad News

We regret to inform, that we have to delay the announced port of the Eiffel-3
front-end parser "ep" to MS-DOS for indefinite time due to shortage of time
and project resources.

(We encountered unexpected problems in using the MS-DOS version of the
compiler generator we used to implement "ep" in conjunction with the tool
specifications, which have been designed for an Unix environment.)

For those interested we offer an unreleased MS-DOS version of "ep" that
does not include the handling of binary coded abstract syntax trees, but
supports handling of ASCII coded abstract syntax trees. (Send mail to

This does not affect our plans to keep "ep" in line with upcoming NICE syntax

Opposed to previous plans we will publish the specifications (for scanner,
parser and abstract syntax tree generator) in autumn as a technical report
of Freie Universitaet Berlin.

Best regards,
  Olaf Langmack,
  Burghardt Groeber.

    Olaf Langmack Cranachstrasse 12 D-12157 Berlin


Sun, 18 Feb 1996 20:38:28 GMT  
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