CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: OOPSLA '93 workshop on Processes and Metrics 
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 CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: OOPSLA '93 workshop on Processes and Metrics

                     *** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ***

                         OOPSLA '93 workshop on:
                          Processes and Metrics
                for Object-Oriented Software Development

                       SUNDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER, 1993
                            12:00 -- 7:00 PM
                      Washington Hilton and Towers
                           Washington DC, USA

Introduction and motivation

Despite the growing acceptance of the OO paradigm, we must acknowledge that
OO is not yet a mature engineering discipline.  Development process and
the metrics required to assess quality, reliability, productivity and cost
are, at best, under-defined.  Advances in the OO development process and
its associated metrics are urgently needed.

Goals of the workshop

The workshop aims at advancing the state of the art in such areas as:

** The engineering activities within the OO analysis and design process.

** Product and process metrics that foster the assessment of quality,
   reliability, productivity, and cost throughout the product lifecycle.

** Measurement, estimation, and management of the OO development process.

Focus of the workshop

This workshop seeks to address the following issues:

** Estimating the effort required for a project with respect to OO analysis,
   design, implementation, test, and maintenance.

** Objectively tracking progress of an OO development activity.

** The impact of OO CASE tools on effort estimation and development process.

** The dependency relationships between potential OO metrics and the specifics
   of a particular development method.

Requirements for attendance

This workshop will be of interest to software quality researchers, object-
oriented methodologists, software metricians, practitioners with interests in
reuse, frameworks, design, analysis, and programming; and those interested
in the management of object-oriented development projects.  Potential attendees
should submit a 2-3 page position or experience report, in ASCII text format,
no later than 30 July, 1993, and notification of acceptance or rejection will
be mailed on or before August 20, 1993.

Workshop Organizers

           Steven C. Bilow, Tektronix, Network Displays Division
                      Dennis de Champeaux, Faure Inc
               Karl Freburger, Knowledge Systems Corporation
                  Doug Lea, SUNY Oswego & NY CASE Center

Contact Information

                              Steven C. Bilow
                      Tektronix Network Displays Division
                            P.O. Box 1000 60-646
                         Wilsonville, OR     97070-1000
                   Ph: (503)682-7336  / Fax: (503) 682-7343

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