CfP: 6th ECOOP Workshop for PhD students 
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 CfP: 6th ECOOP Workshop for PhD students

Because the ECOOP brochures have been distributed only towards the end
of April, and as a result most people had no time to prepare their position
papers, we have postponed the deadline for one month, until May 31st.

|                                                              |
| 6th ECOOP Workshop for Doct{*filter*}Students in Object-Oriented  |
|                         Systems                              |
|                                                              |
|              Linz, Austria, July 8-9, 1996                   |
|                                                              |


The aim of the workshop is to bring together PhD students
who are working on foundations, design, implementation, or
application of object-oriented systems and methods.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for PhD students
to meet, to discuss their research, and to further develop
their working skills. It will generally be interactive,
focusing on active work in groups.

Another function of the workshop is to continue and enlarge
the international network of PhD students in object-oriented
systems (PhD-OOS), which has been initiated at the 1st workshop,
held in conjunction with ECOOP'91 in Geneva/Switzerland. The
PhD network counts approx. 100 members from all over the world,
all of them PhD candidates. The network's mailing list and WWW
pages are used mainly for information and discussion of OO-related
topics. More information on the PhD-OOS can be found under



The technical programme of the workshop will be held in subgroups,
followed by a summary session of all attendants. In the
subgroups, discussions on 3-4 related topics will be held, bringing
together participants who work in related areas (e.g. patterns,
foundations of OO, meta models, etc.). The discussions will be
semi-structured through issues and positions which are distributed
among the participants in advance, thereby helping to form the
subgroups appropriately. An overview of the work of each subgroup
will we prepared and then presented in the plenary session.

The non-technical programme consists of a talk given by Piere Cointe
(ECOOP96 program chair) about conducting and organizing research,
a writing workshop where the participants will work in small groups
in order to improve their abstract according to some "writing rules
of thumb" (presented at a successful writer's workshop in the
framework of OOPSLA'94) and a discussion about further developments
of the PhD-OOS network.

The workshop results will be collected in a report covering the
technical as well as the non-technical results.


Participants are asked to send a one-page (500 words) abstract
of their dissertation research. The abstracts should be submitted
electronically before May 12th either using the HTML fill-out-form
found under:


or by e-mail to the address given below:

The abstract should contain the following information:

      the first name and surname of the contributor
      institution, address, phone-number, FAX
      e-mail and URL (if available)
      the approximate date when the PhD research started
      up to four keywords out of the following list:
            class libraries
            formal calculus
            knowledge representation
            language concepts
            language implementation
            meta architectures
            multimedia applications
            software engineering
      up to four further keywords, not found in the list above (optionally)
      a 500-words long description of the research-work

All abstracts will be distributed electronically to the workshop
participants prior to the workshop and will serve as the basis for
forming work-groups as well as for starting the technical discussions
at the workshop. Some ideas concerning the contents of the abstract
were collected by Boris Bokowski and Enno Scholz and can be found under:

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~bokowski/phd-questions.html

During the workshop there will be small groups working together on
a dedicated topic. For the moderation of these discussions we would
appreciate the help of one volunteer per group. Please state whether
you would want to moderate one of the groups or not. Your tasks
would be:

      - Moderate the discussion (duration of presentations,
        control of endless discussions)
      - Write a one page resumi about the conclusions of
        your work according to given guidelines.

If there is more than one volunteer per subgroup, we will
randomly select one.


      May 31st,  1996: deadline for submission of abstract
                       (HTML fill-out form or e-mail)
      June 7th,  1996: notification of acceptance, distribution of
                       abstracts, call for working group proposals,
                       forming of e-mail-forums for the preparation
                       of the work-groups
      June 24th, 1996: notification on established working groups


 Boris Bokowski
        Institut f|r Informatik
        Freie Universitdt Berlin
        Phone: +49-30-83 87 51 18
        Fax: +49-30-83 87 51 09
 Wolfgang De Meuter
        PROG (Fac. WE)
        Free University of Brussels
        Phone: +32-2-62 93 481
        Fax: +32-2-62 93 495
 Athanasios M. Demiris
        Div. 0805 Medical and Biological Informatics
        Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum
        Phone: +49-6221-42 23 70
        Fax: +49-6221-42 23 45
Athanasios M. Demiris                  
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum        (German Cancer Research Center)
Div. 0805                               Medical and Biological Informatics
Im Neuenheimer Feld 280                 D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany
tel:    (+49) 6221 - 42 2370            FAX: (+49) 6221 - 42 2345

URL:     http://www.*-*-*.com/

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