ISE Eiffel 4.2: major new release 
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 ISE Eiffel 4.2: major new release

Interactive Software Engineering is happy to announce that
version 4.2 of ISE Eiffel 4 is now available.
Customers under maintenance will receive it as part
of their maintenance contracts. The downloadable
versions on the FTP site will updated by February 15.
The version is available for Windows NT, Windows 95
and the principal Unix platforms; the VMS version
is in final beta.

ISE Eiffel 4.2 is a major new release which incorporates
many new features and improvements to existing mechanisms.

        - EiffelCom library for use of Eiffel with COM, OLE,

        - Eiffel2Java library: call Java applets and other
          Java facilities from Eiffel.

        - EiffelThreads library: full-fledged implementation
          of multithreading (Windows, Posix/Linux, Solaris,
          VxWorks), with an extensive set of threads
          capabilities and close connection with the
          garbage collection mechanism (one GC per
          thread, enabling independent execution).

        - Full implementation of the Precursor construct
          as described in "Object-Oriented Software Construction",
          2nd edition (and, we know, awaited impatiently
          by many users).

        - Considerably faster compilation. (For one typical
          system, on Windows NT:
                Eiffel part:
                        4.1: 1 hour 22 minutes
                        4.2: 30 minutes
                        i.e. almost three times faster
                C part:
                        4.1: 46 minutes
                        4.2: 22 minutes
                        i.e. more than twice faster, thanks to
                        the generation of more compact C.
                Altogether about 2.5 speedup for the whole

        - Graphical profiler, for detailed analysis of running

        - A greatly improved EiffelCase analysis and design
          workbench. This is the only tool we know that truly
          fulfils the promise of seamless development offered
          by object technology: going back and forth between
          high-level graphical views of systems, and their
          actual source text. EiffelCase in particular has
          a great reverse engineering facility, which produces
          clear graphical views of systems, which can then be
          modified to re-generate code. A "Merging Tool" enables
          users to reconcile, feature by feature, the changes
          they may have made separately to the textual view
          (Eiffel text) and to the graphical view (EiffelCase
          diagrams). As an example application, we now systematically
          use EiffelCase for our hands-on object technology
          classes, as well for our analysis/design/implementation
          consulting, and have found it to be attractive to both
          beginners and seasoned software engineers, as well
          as to managers who need to see global schemata of
          system architecture, system dictionaries/glossaries

        - Numerous improvements, both functional and of speed,
          to the EiffelBench graphical development environment.
          The interface has also been enriched with new, intuitive
          user interaction mechanisms. "Clickable" elements are
          underlined, HTML-browser style, for even more intuitive
          browsing. Searching is faster as well as drag-and-drop
          and other operations.

        - New, improved version of the Legacy++ tool for wrapping
          C++ classes into Eiffel classes (now handles many subtle
          facilities of Visual C++). Helps move away from C++
          without losing one's investment.

        - More information in generated C code, enabling the
          use of a C de{*filter*}. (Although most Eiffel users will never
          need to see the generated C, even less debug it -- there
          is a powerful Eiffel de{*filter*} in EiffelBench to avoid that --,
          this facility is of great interest to some projects, in
          particular to users of Embedded Eiffel who may need to
          perform debugging on a target platform that only has
          C tools.)

        - Many improvements to other tools and libraries, such as
          EiffelNet (client-server object management system),
          EiffelBase (the fundamental library of data structures
          and algorithms), EiffelVision (portable graphics),
          WEL (the Windows Eiffel Library -- for programming
          graphical applications under Windows).

        - Eiffel generator for Cayenne's Object Team analysis
          tool, supporting UML and OMT.

appears below.  

Bertrand Meyer, ISE Inc.
ISE Building, 2nd floor, 270 Storke Road, Goleta CA 93117


Mon, 24 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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