Eiffel and XWindows questions 
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 Eiffel and XWindows questions

  I'm looking for some help with Eiffel graphics and X Windows.  First of
all I should say that I'm not familiar at all with either Eiffel or X
Windows; I apologize if my questions are not intelligent. I'm trying to
learn about Eiffel in preparation for some software development later
this summer.

  My first question concerns X Windows. This window system seems to be
very slow.  The scrolling in the window is so slow, you can watch the
text being typed out. I've run "GOOD" a couple of times just for fun and
it takes a long time to select a menu item. I'm using Eiffel on a Sun
3/280. Is the speed problem due to Eiffel, X Windows, or my machine?  I
usually use the SunView system in my day to day activities. If X Windows
are not at least as fast as SunView windows, I see no advantage in using

  My second question concerns handling input to windows.  I've been able
to open up a window, but I can't seem to get any input to it.  I created
a world, a window, a mouse and an input.  I associated my world with my
window and enabled my mouse. I then attached my window to my input
[my_input.attach(my_window)].  When I try to use the procedure
"accept_event", I get an error message saying the precondition of
accept_event, "active_window_not_void" was violated.  I don't understand
how my window can be void when I just created it.  I guess what I need
is a general procedure for Handling input to windows, but a little more
specific than what is given in the Eiffel Library Manual.

  Any answers anyone has, either posted or e-mailed, will be greatly

Steve Belle

Thu, 17 Sep 1992 17:33:00 GMT  
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