Er... how do I start here? 
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 Er... how do I start here?

Wella, I face an odd (but, I imagine, common) dilemma:

From the conversations recently in (yes, the "second
historic mistake" line has increased interest in Eiffel!), we're
seriously considering switching over to Eiffel for our applications--
which are PC-oriented games, probably running under Win95.
Unfortunately, there's a lot of tension regarding this idea-- we don't
KNOW (despite assurances) that the Eiffel code will run as quickly as
the C++ code.  We don't KNOW that the Eiffel code will work with our
existing C++ frameworks.  We don't KNOW that the Eiffel GC routines
won't produce occasional pauses in gameplay that will adversely affect
frame rate, etc.  But it seems as if, to get the degree of product we
need to test (with the C++ interface, good development environment,
etc.) we need to shell out hundreds of bucks on what is (to us, now,
remember-- I know it's had great success in the industry) unproven

Add to that the fact that the choices are confusing enough in and of
themselves (ISE Eiffel?  Can't find the "free" ISE Eiffel compiler any
more, where is it?  Visual Eiffel?  I found links to "Visual Eiffel"
on both the ISE website and Sigco-- are they the same?  SmallEiffel?
All this is just very confusing).

It'd be nice if ISE (or competitors) had a competitive upgrade offer
(versus existing other-language compilers) or some such or, even
better for the small developer, a contract in which we could use ISE
Eiffel to develop a product but only paid for the environment when we
released the product (I know, that's a big stretch, but it'd be a
great way to propagate the language).

I realize I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too, but I'm a) very
e{*filter*}d about the idea of using such a language as our primary
development vehicle and b) er... a little short on tools budget.


Wed, 03 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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