gbeta v0.5 released - free (g)BETA interpreter (GPL) 
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 gbeta v0.5 released - free (g)BETA interpreter (GPL)

Announcement of
                              gbeta v0.5

What is it?    
                gbeta is an interpreter of a generalized version of
                the BETA programming language.  BETA is a modern,
                object-oriented language in the Scandinavian
                tradition. It delivers great expressive power using
                only few language constructs: a useful, simple, and
                clean language.  It has a strong static typesystem and
                static name binding, general block-structure (nesting,
                true closures), virtual types, real type variables,
                expressive method combination, and a very flexible and
                expressive module and visibility control system.

                gbeta generalizes the BETA language in fundamental
                ways.  Firstly, the type system is based on
                constraints (the type denoted by a declaration is the
                most general class satisfying the constraints).
                Secondly, object metamorphosis is supported (take an
                existing object, apply a class as a constraint, and
                the object dynamically specializes ("inherits") such
                that it becomes an instance of a derivation of that
                class).  Thirdly, classes can be constructed at
                run-time (without sacrificing type correctness) and
                classes can be inherited from even if they are not
                known before run-time, such as with virtual classes or
                class variables.

                The constraint based inheritance system can e.g. be
                exploited to construct constraint graphs of types: set
                up a design in your library code such that a user of
                the library can "pull a handle" by adding a few
                constraints.  The changes propagate throughout your
                library code and allow for an ordered and maintainable
                specialization for a given application.

Changes since v0.13

                manymanymany, mostly concerning the usage, and fixing
                bugs; the language definition hasn't changed

Where can I get it?

                http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~eernst/gbeta/, (which refers to

What platforms are supported?

                Linux (2.x.y/ELF)
                SunOS 5.5.1 (Solaris)
                HP-UX 9 (probably works on HP-UX 10)
                SGI IRIX 6 (6.2, 6.3, 6.4)
                Windows NT/95 (semi-supported!)

                Integration with Emacs (isn't that a platform? ;-)

What can I get?

                Source code (GPL), in BETA
                Binaries for the above platforms
                Soon: packaged web-site, for quick local browsing

WWW site?
                http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~eernst/gbeta/ contains
                many things, including a tutorial and an
                introduction to advances issues

                Yes, please!  If you want to develop your own variant,
                or help me make this one faster/better, don't hesitate
                to contact me.  Suggestions are welcome, too.


Computer Science Department of Aarhus University, Denmark

Mon, 05 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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