New version of Visual Eiffel 
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 New version of Visual Eiffel

Object Tools is pleased to announce the long awaited release of
Visual Eiffel 4.0. Versions for Windows and Linux are available
for download from


The extract from "what's new" section of ReadMe file goes below:

  Compiler enhancements:
    - creation instruction with "create" syntax is now
      supported (note that creation expression is not
      supported); "create" can still be used in many places
      as an identifier and is flagged by the compiler to
      facilitate migration
    - "reference" keyword can be used to mark reference
      types explicitly (e.g., "reference INTEGER")
    - several new keywords (from the upcoming ETL) are now
      distinguished and reported by the compiler
    - XML output does not use Java anymore, so class and
      cluster content in XML can be written without JVM and
      DOM packages
  Library enhancements:
    - new folder "package" is provided as a standard place
      for third-party packages
    - GOBO
      - version 2.0 is included in setup
    - HtmlHelp:
      - new cluster in WinLibs family that provides
        low-level access to HtmlHelp functionality
    - Kernel:
      - ARRAY is changed towards ELKS 2002 standard
      - CHARACTER implements features "as_lower" and
        "as_upper" towards the future NICE standard
      - STRING is almost "NICE-4" (ELKS 2001) compliant (the
        only non-conforming feature is the creation
        procedure "make" which follows the semantics of the
        previous version of VE and is marked as obsolete to
        allow smooth transition for VE users to the new
      - the structure of the streaming classes is
        significantly refactored to be more consistent and
    - Security:
      - new cluster that provides security classes; at the
        moment it implements only blowfish cipher
  Various fixes in compiler, libraries, run-time and tools
  are also included.

Alexander Kogtenkov
Object Tools, Moscow

Mon, 05 Apr 2004 21:02:20 GMT  
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