Dynamic class (was Oh, no! Not circles and ellipses...) 
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 Dynamic class (was Oh, no! Not circles and ellipses...)


> When we think of items, we "classify" them by their similarities in a
> rather automatic (and therefore hard to replicate) fashion, but the
> initial notion of a class is a bunch of things that are similar to each
> other.

> I don't think we claim that because something is in one class, it's not
> in another, and I am tempted to say that this is multiple inheritance,
> but it isn't really.  It FEELS like multiple inheritance, but what is
> really is, is the same object being a member of more than one class,
> e.g.:  A bird is a flying thing AND a bird is a feathered thing.

> But a plucked chicken is a bird.  It isn't a feathered thing any more,
> but it is still a bird.  So, it seems, behind the explicate object is an
> implicate (ideal?) object:  A plucked chicken is a bird with a few
> modifiers applied to it.


I find this ideas verry interesting. I think many programmers has
asked them selves about the same question (maybe not as clear as this).

I wonder if it might be like this...
A human looks at a thing and given the context of the problem try to
figure out what to do to solve a particular problem. For each "class"
we have a set of methods that we are able to perform on the item...
(pick apple from tree, turn car right, ....). But the real item
is put into different "class" according to the context... so
maybe programming models would become better fitted to real world
if objects (or maybe "items" is better?) may change class according to
context (dynamic classes...).

I hope the discution continues, I believe this is a key-point
to make programming easier.


Sat, 24 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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