redefining require and ensure clauses 
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 redefining require and ensure clauses


> ... The ensure
> clause of externalise should have the same logic as the require clause of
> the internalise feature, each one parsing the data to check that it
> correctly specifies a consistent state for an object of the Current class.

> If this is done using a further function, check_external_data(), redefined
> suitably on each descendant, very little problem arises.  In fact, this
> seems a good way to allow the preconditions and postconditions to be
> checked.

> My problem is this:  What I have done seems to sidestep, albeit neatly,
> the rules built in to Eiffel restricting how assertions may vary in
> redefined inherited features.

> Is what I propose bad SE practice? Are there inherent dangers in this
> sidestepping?

What you have done is fine, and has no "gotchas" that I'm aware of.
Your assertions are at a higher level of abstraction than the program
code of 'externalise' and 'internalise'. You are using feature
'check_external_data' to supply that higher level of abstraction,
and _at_that_level_of_abstraction_ you are not weakening the precondition
or strengthening the postcondition.

> N.B. 1) I use the term covariance, but I cannot remember if this is
> correct. Please advise me of the correct term(s) for what happens to
> redefined require and ensure clauses.

I would probably refer to "weakening the precondition in a descendant"
and "strengthening the postcondition in a descendant".

"Covariance" refers to types (e.g. argument and function return types).

> 2) I have used C-style function
> names, for which I am deeply sorry.  I simply regard these as easier to
> discern from normal text than Eiffel feature names without specified
> types.

I can cope with that, though I'd probably name the function
'is_valid_external_data' because 'check_external_data' sounds like
a procedure to me.

> 3) I refer vaguely to a bitstream class, but I do not know if one
> exists in Eiffel, nor if it is what I want.  I mean a class allowing an
> array of bits.

Class "BIT n" is a bit vector, good for low-level bit manipulation.
However, it's not a stream. The "BIT n" class is not mentioned in
the Eiffel Library Standard (95 Vintage) but it's supplied by all

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