"INFO wanted : Eiffel and Tuxedo" 
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 "INFO wanted : Eiffel and Tuxedo"


>    I am in need of general information about 'Eiffel'
>    and 'Tuxedo' real fast. If there had been general
>    discussion about this, could I have the summary
>    of them.  

There is a paper in the proceedings of the 8th International
Eiffel User Conference (CNIT-La Defense, Paris) 1991
by Rick Jones of Tetra Ltd. (UK) entitled "Building an On
Line Transaction Processing System Using Eiffel"  which
discusses some of the Eiffel/Tuxedo interface work done on the project.

Any persons interested in receiving a copy of the paper should

-- Darcy Harrison
   Interactive Software Engineering Inc.

Tue, 24 Oct 1995 00:45:23 GMT  
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