Eiffel gripe (was Ada vs. Eiffel) 
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 Eiffel gripe (was Ada vs. Eiffel)

Matt Kennel writes

> What about Sather's iters?  That is the nicest way that I've seen to
> do loops.

> All the "init", "step" and "exit" critera are user-programmable in
> 'iters', which are written like class routines.

> For example,

> loop
>    x := collection.elt!;
>    -- each 'x' is an element of the collection.
> end;

1.  I don't like it when functions have side-effects.

2.  I don't like it when routines alter control in the caller as
    part of their normal behavior (as opposed to exceptions -- REAL
    exceptions, not the use of raise/handle pairs as thinly disguised gotos).

3.  The above example combines the problems of #1 and #2 above with superb


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