CFP - OOPSLA 91 Workshop on Objects in Large Distributed Applications 
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 CFP - OOPSLA 91 Workshop on Objects in Large Distributed Applications

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                      Call for Participation
                      OOPSLA '91 Workshop on

             Objects in Large Distributed Applications

                        Monday 7th October

Object-based programming is the most promising software technology with which
to develop large applications. However, there remain a variety of problems to
be addressed where distributed object-based systems are concerned. For
example, the issues of scale, organizational autonomy (and security) and the
efficient support of tools for inter-organization co-operative working must be
coherently resolved if best advantage is to be obtained from current hardware

An environment in which a worldwide Broadband ISDN internet links a multitude
of organizations offers substantial challenges to the software development
community. Particularly when each site has an internal network of multi-media
workstations and high-performance specialised servers. The workshop will be
structured to provide a forum on the use of objects in solving the problems
posed by such near-future systems. A number of topics have been identified,
from language-level issues concerning the programming models appropriate for
widely-distributed applications, to the object-support mechanisms needed for
efficiently providing a coherent object model that spans a WAN.


The workshop is aimed primarily at those researching into or working with:

  - scalable object architectures
  - large scale applications
  - object-support operating systems
  - distributed object-based languages

the core theme being the support required for large distributed applications.

Although it is not intended that language concepts be highlighted in this
workshop, it is clear that some language implementation issues will arise.


Possible topics for submissions include, but are not limited to:

Basic Issues: Naming, location & invocation for widely-distributed
              object-based applications. Scalable garbage collection
              and load balancing.

Models:       Object management architectures spanning autonomous
              organisations (proposals and implementations).

Applications: Widely-distributed applications, particularly applications
              involving a high degree of interaction (such as multi-media
              collaboration tools) across large networks.

The workshop will be divided into sessions, most of which will consist
of invited presentations followed by moderated discussions. Depending
on the received submissions there may be one or two panel-based sessions.


Extended abstracts or position papers of not more than five pages
describing recent work and addressing the above topics are sought.
Unfortunately only one person can be accommodated for each accepted
position paper (except under special circumstances).

The papers will be reviewed and acceptance will be based on relevence
to the theme of the session and quality/clarity of the paper. A range
of different views and approaches will be selected and experience reports
covering the construction of large-scale applications and/or scalable
object-support systems will be especially welcome.  

Attendance will be by invitation only, based on the accepted papers, and
all attendees (hopefully abut 30) must register for OOPSLA '91.  

Extended abstracts must be submitted before August 1, 1991:

Preferred form:   Plain text or \LaTeX sent by e-mail:
                  (With subject line "OOPSLA-OLDA" please)

Alternative form: A single high quality copy sent by post:

    Computer Laboratory
    New Museums' Site
    Pembroke Street
    CB2 3QG
    United Kingdom

Brief e-mail messages declaring that you intend to submit a position paper
would be appreciated, to ease administration. Such a message is particularly
important if you are submitting your abstract by post from outside the UK.
Please include both normal and electronic mail addresses with your paper.

Most accepted abstracts will be circulated electronically beforehand, however
those who submit paper copies will be asked to bring copies of their abstracts
for distribution at the start of the workshop.

Important Dates:
        August 1          Deadline for receiving extended abstracts.
        September 1       Notification of invitation or rejection.
        October 7         Workshop Date

Mon, 20 Dec 1993 00:14:06 GMT  
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