OOPSLA workshop, prelim CFP 
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 OOPSLA workshop, prelim CFP

                 - Preliminary Call for Participation -
                           1991 OOPSLA Workshop
       "The Bottom Line: Using OOP in the Commercial Environment"

In conjunction with the OOPSLA '91 conference being held in Phoenix, Arizona
on October 6-11 1991, a workshop will be held on the subject of using OOP
in the commercial environment.  We are issuing this preliminary call for
papers now to allow potential participants extra time to prepare their
position papers.


The goals of this workshop will be:

1)  To have those with experience using OOP to develop medium to large size
commercial programs (5+ S/W developers) discuss issues relating to
commercial application of the technique.    The following set of issues have
been discussed in the past, and continue to be of interest...
  - What are realistic ways of selling the OOP approach to management?
  - How can we teach existing software development teams to design &
  develop OOP software systems?
  - What methods are useful when integrating OO S/W with existing software
  and systems?
  - How were libraries created and managed, particularly, with large groups,
  how can redundancy be  minimized?
  - What development process did you use? (Did you use reviews, and if so,
  what was reviewed... diagrams, pseudo code, code?)
  - What were the impacts of using OOP on testing processes and testing
  - What were the impacts of OOP on product quality?   (For example, what
  constitutes the "unit / module",  when inheritance from a framework implies
  that some integration will have already occurred?)
  - What were your experiences with training maintenance teams about
  existing designs? (How did you accomplish this? What forms of
  - Did OOP  improve the maintainability of your product?
  - Did reuse happen? (Did you reuse classes? Did you plan for reuse?)
  - Did you organize this project differently than similar projects in the
    past?  (Or did you think you should have?)
  - How did your estimates compare with actual times for scheduling
2) To continue, from previous years, the process of establishing a dialog
among commercial users of Object Oriented Programming.
3) To provide a report of the group's discussion and conclusions for the
participants and for inclusion in the addendum to the conference proceedings.


We are looking for software developers or managers who have completed projects
or product releases using OOP with teams of 5 or more people, or who have
integrated OOP with a smaller number of people into a larger system.
Participants should be willing to talk about their experiences.  Depending
on the response, an attempt will be made to balance project types, languages
used, etc.  In response to several requests made in previous years, we will
maintain a waiting list for those who wish to listen to the discussion,
rather than participate.  When we know how many can be accommodated,
observers will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis.


The proposed format is to have a limited number of participants make short
presentations about their experiences, followed by ample time for discussion
with other attendees.  This format is intended to encourage discussion among
peers, rather than presentation by "experts".  Other options will be
considered, depending on the response. The workshop will be one day
in length.


All participants must submit short (1-2 page) position papers to one of the
workshop organizers.  The paper should briefly describe your project
(application, number of people, language used), and address 3-5 issues of
interest to you.  You may select issues from the list above, or contribute
additional issues.  Papers must be submitted by August 1, 1991.  Participants
will be selected and notified by Sept. 1, 1991.  Those who wish to be placed
on the waiting list for observers should provide us with their name, address
and phone number.

For more information, please contact one of the workshop organizers:

(Ms.) K.C. Burgess Yakemovic
NCR Corporation
Human Interface Technology Center
500 Tech Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30313
phone: 404-853-2947
fax: 404-853-2934

(Ms.) Suzana Hutz
Motorola Inc.
Corporate Offices
3701 Algonquin Rd, s/601
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
phone: 708-576-2815
fax: 708-576-2025

(Dr.) John J. Schilling
Georgia Institute of Technology
College of Computing
Atlanta GA, 30332-0280
phone: 404-894-7512
fax: 404-853-9378

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