CFP: ECOOP'95 PhD student workshop 
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 CFP: ECOOP'95 PhD student workshop

                        Call for Participation
   ECOOP 5th workshop for doct{*filter*}students in object-oriented systems
                    Aarhus, Denmark, August 7-11, 1995


  The aim of the workshop is to bring together PhD students who are
  working on foundations, design, implementation, or application of
  object-oriented systems and methods.
  Its intention is to offer an environment for exchange of ideas on PhD
  research in general, and for technical discussion of various aspects
  of object-orientation in particular. The workshop will provide an
  opportunity for PhD students to meet, to discuss their research, and
  to further develop their working skills.

  The workshop will also serve as the continuation and enlargement of a
  European network of PhD students in object-oriented systems (PhD-OOS),
  which has been initiated at the 1st workshop, held in conjunction with
  ECOOP'91 in Geneva/Switzerland. The network offers a continuous
  opportunity to exchange information and ideas. It also supplies wider
  access to resources and methods and keeps the contact between workshop
  participants all throughout the year.
  Although the network is set up and based in Europe, non-European
  participants are welcome. More information about the network is available
  in the World Wide Web (WWW) at the URL:  


  The general form of the workshop will be interactive, focussing on
  active work in groups. The workshop will be divided into three major
  parts: mutual introduction, technical, and non-technical programme.

  The technical programme will concentrate on topics that will be selected
  by the attendants in advance through electronic communication. Positions
  on these topics will be collected and distributed in advance for use in
  the technical session.

  The non-technical programme will concentrate around the topics

      * conducting and organizing research (invited speaker, to be announced)
      * the PhD getting process
      * further developments of the PhD-OOS network                      

  The workshop results will be collected in a report covering the
  technical as well as the non-technical results of the day.
  The report will either be published in conjunction with other ECOOP'95
  workshop publications or, if this is not possible, as a distinct publication.


  The last ECOOP workshop for PhD students in object-oriented systems
  showed a high interest of the participants in personal exchange of
  ideas with people working on similar topics. Correspondingly, the
  technical discussions in small working groups were generally perceived
  as very interesting and stimulating. Nevertheless, most participants
  felt that the time available for discussions was much too short.
  Therefore, this year's workshop will last one and a half day in order to
  give enough time for intensive technical discussions with people working
  on closely related topics.


  First-time-attendants of the workshop are asked to send a one-page
  abstract (about 500 words, plain ASCII) of their dissertation research.
  Others should submit an abstract update, which should illustrate the
  current state of their research work (also about 500 words, plain ASCII).

  The abstracts should be submitted electronically before July, 1st
  to the contact person named below. They will be distributed
  electronically to the workshop participants prior to the workshop
  and will serve as the basis for the technical discussion at the

  Submitted abstracts should be accompanied by (up to five) keywords
  indicating topics to be discussed in the technical part of the workshop.


  The workshop organizers decided to have a special acceptance notification
  procedure which shall allow participants to pay the cheaper early
  registration fees (= early notification) while still enabling discussions
  about topics of current interests (= late submission):

  Acceptance notifications will be sent out to the participants individually
  a few days after a submitted abstract has been received and considered
  to be conformant with the guidelines stated above. Abstracts will be
  accepted until July, 1st. Early submitted abstracts may also be updated
  until July, 1st. Hence, everybody requesting for it will get his or her
  acceptance notification in time to register for ECOOP before June, 2nd.

  This regulation will be followed provided that no more than 36 people
  submit abstracts. Experiences from previous workshops indicate that this
  is very unlikely to become the case.

  Please refer to the official conference information for any questions about
  registration details! (It might become possible to register for ECOOP work-
  shops only, so watch out for official ECOOP announcements!)


 - June  2, 1995: early registration deadline for ECOOP (15% discount)
 - July  1, 1995: (latest) abstract submission by e-mail
 - July 10, 1995: (latest) notification of acceptance,
                  distribution of abstracts to attendants,
                  call for working group proposals
 - July 23, 1995: late registration deadline for ECOOP
                  (afterwards only on-site registration, 15% surplus)
 - July 24, 1995: notification on established working groups




  Main contact person:

  Institut fuer Informatik III        Tel: (+49) (228) 550-276
  Universitaet Bonn                   Fax: (+49) (228) 550-382
  Roemerstr. 164
  D-53117 Bonn (Germany)

  Workshop Organizers:

  Guenter Kniesel, University of Bonn, Germany

  Milena Shteto, CNET - France Telecom

  Thilo Kielmann, University of Siegen, Germany

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