Eiffel-3 Parser Test 
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 Eiffel-3 Parser Test

We are looking for - "dirty" - data to test our Eiffel-3 Parser:

  1 - Does NICE already provide reference test data for Eiffel-3

  2 - Could anyone provide Eiffel-3 programs with a better grammar
      coverage than the sources of the SIG (and ISE in 9/92?) Eiffel-3

 (3 - Does anyone know if there exist test data generators which
      operate on LL(1)-grammars?)

  Burghardt Groeber & Olaf Langmack.

FU Informatik
Nestorstrasse 8-9
W-1000 Berlin 31


Wed, 01 Feb 1995 19:06:34 GMT  
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