Goanna 0.3 Released 
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 Goanna 0.3 Released

Goanna, the Eiffel Web Application Framework, release 0.3 has been uploaded
to SourceForge.


The web site has also been updated:


This release includes:

o A SOAP proof-of-concept implemented. Request and response envelopes
handled. Only basic parameter types supported. Requires Eiffel Agent
support. Tested by calling Eiffel object routines using a Java SOAP client!

o HTTPD server implemented. Provides working HTTP server and servlet engine
for testing and development. Ported HTTPD server and servlet library to

o Includes application framework extension and sample application called
'Bachelor' from Neal Lester.

o Now using GOBO 2.0. Stopped using the Goanna date time cluster in favour
of the GOBO date time cluster. Also includes the beginnings of a getest

o Using updated eXML parser and UCSTRING. Some new parsing hooks are used
but further work is still required. Namespace handling now fully supported.

o Using new Yaesockets.

Best Regards.
Glenn Maughan.

Fri, 19 Dec 2003 21:29:38 GMT  
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