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I'm sure this is common knowledge, but for all the time I've been
using Functional Developer I didn't know I could do this so I thought
I'd post it.

When debugging multi-threaded applications you can use the interactor
while all your threads are running. For example, I have a 'scheduler'
thread that runs things at certain times or after a particular
<duration>. I have other threads that add/remove items for the
scheduler to handle.

Running the application in the de{*filter*}, I thought I had to pause the
application to do anything with the interactor. Pausing the
application paused all threads. But if I use 'Threads/Select
Thread...' from the menu I can choose from a list of threads. Choosing
the 'Interactive Thread 1' thread allows me to enter interactor
commands while all threads are running. So I can manipulate the
scheduler from the interactor while it is running. Neat.


Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:26:43 GMT  
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