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 Dylan Reference Manual and MacWorld

Hey Folks -

  The official version of the Dylan Reference Manual is about to
be released by Addison-Wesley.  

  If you're going to be at MacWorld, you can order a copy at a 20%
discount by visiting the Addison-Wesley booth.  The book should be
in bookstores in mid-September, and can be ordered directly from
A-W by calling (800) 822-6339. They're accepting orders now, though
the book won't be shipping for a few weeks. (However the 20% is only
available at MacWorld.)

  For reference, the ISBN is 0-201-44211-6.

  The book is similar to the draft that was shipped with the Apple
Technology release except that it has lots of cleanups, especially to
the macros chapter and the grammar; it has a set of class diagrams;
sealing characteristics of built-in objects have been specified; there's
a real index; and, of course, it's beautifully bound.

  Though I'm listed as the author of the book (with contributions by
David Moon and Orca Starbuck), the design of this language---and therefore
the substance of the contents of the book---were the work of many hands.  
I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the extended Dylan community,
from those who actively participated in the design process, to those who used
the language and provided feedback, to those who simply voiced their agreement
that the world does need better programming languages. Without all of you,
this great language would not have come to be.


p.s. Now that the book's done, let's all start rooting for Harlequin to
release a killer implementation!

p.p.s. Non-standard disclaimers apply:  I'll be receiving royalties from
the sale of the DRM, to cover the work I've put into it since leaving


Mon, 18 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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