Dylan sues Apple 
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 Dylan sues Apple

Dylan computer language aficionados might like to know that many
companies are regularly sued by Bob Dylan Inc. I imagine the out of
court settlements amount to more income than his touring does. He's
a 90s man, the 60s are way behind him...

A company should be worried if Bob Dylan does NOT sue them, to sue
is merely to suggest you recognise a company has a future, a
profitable future, and therefore you set your lawyers upon it.

"Lawyers They Are a-Screaming

A Los Angeles attorney representing Bob Dylan threatened BART (Bay Area Rapid
Transit) with legal action and asked for $50,000 damages in connection with a
recent advertising campaign, according to the San Francisco Daily journal, a
legal newspaper. The recent train schedule changes on the cross-bay transit
system have been trumpeted on fliers, print ads and even banners at stations
with the slogan 'The times they are a-changing.' (sic) Did somebody stay up la
at night thinking up such a clever campaign? Anyway, Dylan's ever-vigilant leg
protectors leaped into the fray, waving the specter of copyright infringement.
BART's own copyright specialists were not impressed. 'No one is going to think
that Bob Dylan is supporting BART's schedule change,' said one."

-- Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle


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