Now parsing gtk/gtk.h 
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 Now parsing gtk/gtk.h

I've nearly completed the process of grafting Melange's C parser onto my
ANSI C library. Only a few features of the original parser are missing--
evaluation of constant sizeof and cast expressions among them--but all the
major parts now work again.

As of this evening, the c-parser can correctly parse the following headers:

 * gl/gl.h from Mesa3D
 * pcre.h from the Perl-compatible regex package.
 * glib/glib.h from Glib 1.2.0
 * gdk/gdk.h and gtk/gtk.h from Gtk 1.2.0
 * The standard includes of all glibc2.0 headers on Linux. Specific glib2.0
   may still fail, of course.

All told, this amounts to tens of thousands of lines of pristine,
unmodified headers.

What's next?

 * Revisit a few design decisions in the ANSI-C library.
 * Polish the c-parser library, finalize the APIs, and get rid of the
   few remaining module-level variables that store preferences.
 * Start building the C-FFI generator.

I've gotten a simplistic C-FFI generator running, but it's only a hack. A
real implementation will need to be clever about a number of things to
produce optimal bindings.

Just for the record, Dylan is a really great language. ;-)


Mon, 17 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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