DUIM date gadgets for Harlequin Dylan 
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 DUIM date gadgets for Harlequin Dylan

I've thrown together a quick example of creating DUIM gadgets based on
Win32 controls. I wanted to work on something I've missed in DUIM so I
created a control for entering dates using the windows date time
picker common control.

It's pretty basic and doesn't have any bells and whistles but I
thought I'd make the source code available for anyone who wants an
example of doing this. I'd also appreciate any comments or suggestions
of ways of 'doing things better' as I was a bit unsure of how to to
some bits of the DUIM side of things and had to take educated guesses.

The project and very limited documentation on how to use it can be
downloaded at: http://www.*-*-*.com/

The basic usage allows you to do:

  value-changed-callback: on-date-changed,
  value: make(<date>, year: 1990, month: 12, day: 9));

and expect things to work like a normal DUIM gadget. The user
interface displays the standard Win32 date time edit field with a drop
down calendar available for selecting months, days, years, etc.

I'm still it needs some work to be useable in 'the real world' (error
checking, Y2K complience, etc, etc) but I thought I'd provide the
source in case I never end up doing anything else with it.

Many thanks to Andy Armstrong and Scott McKay for answering lots of my
posted questions on how to extend DUIM way back in September last
year. I couldn't have written it without their answers.

If the date gadget doesn't display correctly then it's probably
because I've hardcoded values in the do-compose-space method. The
hardcoded values cause the date control to size correctly on my
display but I'm unsure what it does on other displays. I'd be keen to
know how to correctly get things like font sizes and widths to
calculate the <space-requirements> in do-compose-space correctly if
anyone can help.


Thu, 27 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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