== true is redundant: advice to novices 
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 == true is redundant: advice to novices

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a very easy and clever way.  Allow '?' to be part : of identifiers just
like '_'.  Ideal for predicates.  :

People are going to get sick of my 'Dylan is really cool' posts pretty
quickly, but I feel complled to mention that Dylan allows almost _any_
non-white-space character to be used for identifiers. There are all kinds
of great stylistic conventions (not enforced by the compiler) that make
for very elegant/clear code. For instance, all classes take the form
'<my_class>'. As another example, any method that can have a 'destructive'
effect on it's arguments takes the form 'method!'.

The punchline? Dylan's convention for any method that returns a
boolean: 'exists?'!


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Mon, 02 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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